Our objective is to present technology in a clear and innovative fashion.

And in doing so we attach the utmost importance to precision. From automotive, construction and agricultural machinery to industrial facilities, our wide-ranging technical expertise and passion for visualisation have made us a skilled partner for the creation of technical 3D animations and illustrations.

We respond to the precise requirements of our customers and always use the correct tools to constantly impress anew. As well as the very latest programmes, these include the expert minds of our unique employees. The combination of creative, technological and software specialists enables us to find solutions for the most diverse requirements.

Competencies Visualisation

3D AnimationsLearn more

The creation of technical 3D animations is the largest area of ALTEN visualisation. Our team of experts in graphics, media and engineering combines technical accuracy with creative design paired with years of experience. In particular, we create the following tailor-made solutions:

  • Product animations
  • Technical animations
  • Engineering animations
  • Digital exhibitions
  • Explanatory videos

Our team of animation professionals and screen designers at ALTEN creates a wide range of 3D technical animations for a variety of industries. Whether you have all the 3D CAD models or we need to create the 3D models based on your drawings and images, our team is able to create photorealistic animations for you.

Especially when it comes to showing your products and plants in full action, you will benefit from our broad know-how in displaying physically correct material flows. See for yourself and explore a selection of successful projects:

References 3d animations

3D Animation Showreel


Benninghoven – Eco Animation


CLAAS – Torion Assembly Animation


CLAAS – Lexion Animation


Ford – EVOS Concept Car Animation


Ford – Eco Blue Engine Animation

3D IllustrationsLearn more

3D illustrations from a technology specialist. We know how to present complex technology with intelligence and a trained eye. Our work ranges from catalog graphics to inspiring e-learning assets, to hall spinning wall posters. Our focus is on the creation of:

  • Sectional views
  • Key Visuals
  • Relistic CGIs
  • Complex detailed representations

Technology is beautiful. This is shown again and again in our technical 3D illustrations. We create them with the same dedication as we work on our animations. Perfect material surfaces, interesting viewing angles and the interaction of light and shadow ensure maximum attention. ALTEN’s comprehensive engineering competence is a guarantee for technical accuracy. Our established workflows ensure that your ideas are implemented efficiently and promptly.

References 3D Illustrations


Catalog graphics

Technical IllustrationsLearn more

We create customized and target group-specific illustrations for almost all technical documentation. This includes installation instructions, component catalogs, user manuals, workshop manuals and posters as well as technical guides and tutorials. Among other things, we create:

  • Technical graphics
  • Exploded drawings
  • Perspective respresentations

We create customized and target group-specific illustrations for almost all technical documentation. This includes installation instructions, component catalogs, user manuals, workshop manuals and posters as well as technical guides and tutorials.

References technical illustrations

Mobile & Web AppsLearn more

We create interactive applications which are technically focused and stand out from the crowd. In doing so, we integrate different interfaces in order to realize not only impressive marketing applications but also complex training applications. We develop:

  • Mobile Apps for IOS and Android
  • Web applications
  • PC applications

We develop unique, interactive product presentations together with our customers. Our programming team consists of experts for all common modern systems such as IOS, Android, Flash and HTML5. We can often seamlessly integrate the perfect images and animations of our 3D CGI teams. This close cooperation enables us to make complex technology playful and enthusiastic.

References mobile & web apps


AR & VRLearn more

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is the term used to describe the representation of a computer-generated reality in similar (VR) or real (AR) environment. Our VR/AR team meets your requirements for immersive applications with creative ideas in the following areas:

  • Experienceable product presentations
  • Virtual product trainings and courses e.g. for operation, assembly, maintenance, repair
  • Simulation of functions, features, situations
  • Conception of virtual showrooms
  • Interactive training

There is currently no other technology as trendy as VR and AR. In shorter and shorter intervals the hardware develops further, new fields of application open up faster and faster.

references AR / VR

CLAAS – VR Simulator

VR Training



Ford – 360° Animation


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