Agile Testing Solutions

In order to ensure that new software meets the high demands placed on it, it must be tested at each development stage to ensure that the result is of the necessary quality. Products that have not been adequately tested may be the cause of considerable problems further down the line. Testing is an integral component of agile development processes, requiring special care and attention. Agile testing must be designed in such a way that it always takes into account the objectives of agile software development and provides optimal support in achieving these.

ALTEN is the only ISTQB® Global Partner and as such, our accredited test managers and engineers, both in-house and external, have many years’ experience of working on projects. They work closely with software developers and technicians.

Consulting, project management and client support

  • Analysis of test specifications
  • Analysis and definition of test cases for automated testing
  • Analysis of the applicability of test systems
  • Support with regard to the selection of testing devices
  • Implementation of testing devices
  • Implementation of automated SW test procedures
  • Development and implementation of test procedures
  • Planning and management of automated tests
  • Development and configuration of test environments
  • Preparation of test records and reports
  • Optimisation of test processes
  • Completion of test suites
  • Compliance with quality management standards, such as ISO 9001
  • Compliance with agile SW development methods, such as Scrum

Consulting and development: Test cases for automated testing

  • Analysis of the existing testing system and test cases for STP, SMSC, MGW, IN system and IMS
  • Preparation of automated test campaigns
  • Preparation of test plans
  • Definition of test cases in consultation with the client
  • Conversion of test cases to the programming language
  • Implementation of test cases in automated tests
  • Evaluation of traces and error analysis in collaboration with the client
  • Record maintenance
  • Preparation of test reports

Test cases

  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Validation
  • Implementation of end-to-end tests
  • Implementation of automated tests
  • Management of a project test team

Acceptance Test Driven Development

This is closely related to Test Driven Development and Keyword Based Testing. This modern process utilises what are known as “Feature” Files, which function as communication tools between customers, users, developers and testers. This is to ensure that the requirements are well defined, and it makes it possible to directly link test cases. This technology is particularly helpful in agile projects, enabling the 3 Amigos (requester, developer, tester) to directly work together using a single source (the “single source of truth”).

ISTQB training at ALTEN

Be trained by us as a certified software tester. We will teach you the basic skills of software testing.

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