Security is an aspect that is particularly relevant in today’s world. Vulnerabilities, critical incidents, confidential data disclosure and the discussion of these are the focus of interest at all levels of society; these are concerns that cross continents and represent issues for all institutions. Organisations need to be certain that they can securely transmit, process and save their data. The confidentiality, availability and integrity of data must be ensured at all times if risks are to be reduced and potential commercial losses minimised.

Appropriate security solutions will protect systems and infrastructures against data theft, cyberespionage and manipulation.

In addition, the effective protection of physical and electronic identities is becoming ever more important to us.

We have extensive expertise with regard to technologies such as smart cards, PKI, TLS/SSL, cryptography and eID/nPA and can thus offer the following services:


  • Evaluation of security-critical IT requirements and processes
  • Business case analysis
  • Design of individual security solutions and complex security concepts to protect critical systems and infrastructures
  • Analysis, definition and implementation of cryptographic processes to protect data
  • Development of public key infrastructures (PKIs) and establishment of connection security
  • Safeguarding of (mobile) data traffic
  • Development and implementation of authentication procedures and the integration of authentication procedures, such as eID/nPA and ePass
  • Development of software on and for smart cards
  • Definition of decision pathways for clients
  • Project management
  • Development, quality assurance/testin
  • Support in the operation of security-critical systems