Information Technology

The IT sector is characterised by its innovative drive. The main challenges are to put in place a stable infrastructure, achieve a high level of security and deal with large volumes of data. ALTEN Digital can support you at all stages of the development process.

Information Security

It is our objective to ensure confidentiality combined with availability and data integrity to avoid the possibility of commercial losses and the minimisation of risk. Thanks to our extensive expertise with regard to technologies such smart cards, PKI, TLS/SSL, cryptography and eID, we can offer the following services:

  • Evaluation of security-critical IT requirements and processes
  • Business case analysis
  • Design of individual security solutions
  • Safeguarding of mobile data traffic
  • Design of public key infrastructures (PKIs)
  • Design of authentication processes
  • Analysis and design of cryptographic processes
  • Chip card, eID and ePass developments
  • Definition of decision pathways for clients
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance measures and testing
  • Support in the operation of security-critical systems

Cloud and virtualisation solutions

Rapidity, flexibility and the efficient use of resources are the reasons why increasing numbers of businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions. As a technological partner of software manufacturers, including Microsoft and Oracle, ALTEN Digital is the consultant of choice if you are looking for agile and secure solutions for running specialised processes.


The explosion of connected things, streaming services, the boom of mobility-as-a-service and the digital transformation that is occurring in all sectors of activity make deployment of the very high speed infrastructure essential in order to support the development of the digital economy. Our extensive experience in the field of infrastructure ensures that our clients can rely on our comprehensive know-how with regard to operation, network consolidation, migration and the development and implement of data centre concepts using standard technologies, such as those provided by Microsoft, Cisco and Linux. We can support our clients at all stages, commencing with the development of specific infrastructure solutions, through application management to the roll-out of new technologies.

BYOD, Mobile IT

Thanks to the mobile applications available today, business processes can be extended to the mobile devices used by personnel. This development has made it possible for businesses to access new markets and offer new services to improve individual processes and optimise the planning of resource deployment. With the help of mobile applications, it is possible to standardise processes and make these more secure to boost turnover and reduce outgoings. Businesses have already recognised the competitive advantages provided by mobile applications. Applications can run directly on the devices themselves or can be accessed on servers using browsers. We develop both, platform-specific/native apps for Android, Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone and Blackberry and non-platform-specific web solutions. We can also ensure that apps are seamlessly integrated in business processes in a particularly optimising form.

Business intelligence & Artificial Intelligence

Massive amounts of data require extensive administrative input. Our business intelligence concepts help organisations rapidly access important information and to use this to their best advantage by means of intelligent analysis and processing. We supply solutions for the efficient storage and processing of data warehouse technologies, such as Oracle, SAP and MS SQL, that are both powerful and targeted solutions for a wide range of different requirements.

Project management

We can provide support in all phases of your project: from objective definition, through planning, implementation and review until final verified result.

  • Coordination of the various customer-side project managers in diversified projects
  • Support with regard to technical aspects/problems
  • Support with regard to the development of IT processes and concepts per ITIL
  • Identification of actual IT requirements and processing of the resultant optimisation processes
  • Processing of the IT structure in collaboration with the client, taking into account cost and market aspects
  • Requirements management
  • Project planning
  • Project start-up
  • Partner management
  • Risk management
  • Quality management
  • Reporting
  • Project wrap-up
  • Progress monitoring