At a Glance

Project Name: SR4Wheel Switched Reluctance 4Wheel-Drive

Project Goal: Research and Realization of a Wheel- Hub and Rim -Drive as a gearless-head reluctance stepper motor drive unit

Time Period: 15.04.2016 bis 30.06.2019

Volume: EUR 2.7 million

Partner: Technische Hochschule Koeln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences), Cologne, Germany

State Funding Providers: Leitmarkt Agentur.NRW (Agency of the German Federal State of North Rhine Westphalia), Mobilitaet & Logistik.NRW (Agency of the German Federal State of North Rhine Westphalia), Germany

Project Contractor: Forschungszentrum Juelich, PT ETN (Juelich Research Center)

Research Road Vehicle

Ford Focus Electric Drive Model: Technical Details in its ‘distributorship sale and delivery condition’:

Consumption in kWh per 100.0 km: 15.4

Range: 162 km

Top speed (km/h):137

Acceleration: 0 – 100 km/h (seconds): 11.4

CO2 emissions: 0

Efficieny Class: A+   Source:

Consortium Research Project

No other agenda defines the shift in ‘mobile society’ at the present time as much as electrifying drive technology. New ideas and concepts are in demand – not only to adhere to upper CO2 limits and climate-change protection goals – but also for reasons of economic and cost efficiency in the current “technology revolution” > read more