Aeronautics & Space

ALTEN has been setting high standards in the aeronautics and space sector for many years. We help our clients plan the production of launcher vehicles, software development for satellites, integration tests for drones and testing systems for aircraft components.

Software Development

  • Software development in compliance with DO-178B
  • Software design and architecture
  • Modelling and simulations
  • Embedded systems for on-board and test systems
  • Safety-critical software developments for unmanned, military and civilian aircraft and satellite systems
  • Object-orientated software development
  • Integration, validation and verification

Hardware Development

  • Hardware development in compliance with DO-254
  • Analogue and digital design
  • Circuit simulation and optimisation
  • High performance electronics
  • High frequency technology
  • Integration, validation and verification


  • Sensor development
  • Data fusion
  • Embedded systems
  • Control systems
  • System optimisation
  • Integration, validation and verification

Engineering Development

  • Concept creation, construction and development of internal and external components
  • Composite design
  • Cable harness development, cable installation
  • Production support
  • Statistical and dynamic calculations
  • Flow and thermal simulations
  • Lighting simulation
  • Mechanical testing and verification


  • Development of metering systems
  • Planning and organisation of test equipment
  • Implementation of test equipment trials
  • Unit, functional and system testing
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Integration, validation and verification

Project Management

  • Requirement, configuration and change management
  • Production planning, support and optimisation
  • Deadline, cost and personnel management
  • Process management
  • Customer and supplier management
  • Data management
  • Maintenance support

Quality Management

  • Product safety
  • Product licensing and certification
  • Quality assurance and auditing
  • Process optimisation

Technical Documentation

  • Development of individual documentation concepts
  • Advice on all aspects of documentation preparation
  • Preparation of project and product documentation (e.g. FMEA)
  • Preparation of product and operating manuals
  • Modification of documentation to comply with recent guidelines and regulations

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