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The successful transformation of a company affects all aspects of its daily operations. Technology can play a major role in facilitating such transformations of a company. With the influx of new and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, it is not always easy to determine which technologies a company should focus on and in which it should invest. It is also crucial to choose the right tools and use them effectively.

Due to decades of experience in the industry and several transformation processes, ALTEN is able to analyse, select and implement these changes.

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ALTEN analyses production processes and optimises their costs, clarity, predictability and traceability. A high degree of automation requires intelligent, highly interactive and autonomous units. ALTEN implements both processes and the central engines for an intelligent, cost-saving workflow. In order to achieve these goals, state-of-the-art technologies are used. For this purpose, modules in areas such as Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence have been developed, which withstand even the highest complexity in integrated solutions.

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ALTEN offers development, maintenance of large data processing solutions and technical support. The know-how covers a broad technology spectrum from data quality assessment to intelligent and automated visualization.

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Modern Business Intelligence (BI) technologies make it possible to provide relevant information in a timely manner despite increased data volumes and complexity. In addition to pure reports, today it is often a matter of observing conspicuous deviations and emerging developments and trends. ALTEN combines the best of data, business and technologies.

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