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We focus not only on electromobility and networking at this traditional automotive location, but also on the latest trends in all sectors. We forward development as a competent partner with diversified skills.

Living & working

Stuttgart is the second largest ALTEN location with more than 300 employees. There is a canteen directly in the building and a kitchen and lounge in the office. Furthermore there is a supermarket, a bakery and two fast food restaurants nearby.

In addition to the Stuttgart location, ALTEN has project offices in the communities of  Böblingen and Heimsheim.


The best way to reach the location by public transport is via Vaihingen main station and bus line 80 to Handwerkstraße. The nearest subway station is also only two minutes away.

By car, it is not far to the motorways A81 towards Heilbronn/Würzburg or Singen and A8 towards Karlsruhe or Munich. The nearby B27 also goes to Heilbronn and south to Tübingen/Balingen. Visitor parking is available on site in an underground car park.

Interesting facts & free time

Since automobile manufacturers Daimler and Porsche are at home in Stuttgart, the entire region is also characterized by many supplier companies from the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. The Baden-Wurttemberg capital is one of the economically most important cities in Germany.

Characteristic of Stuttgart are the vineyards in the surrounding area and the many hills in the city with its numerous Stäffele (staircase systems). These staircases date from the time of viticulture before the slopes were incorporated into the cityscape.

Location / Approach

Breitwiesenstraße 19

Breitwiesenstraße 19
70565 Stuttgart
tel.: +49 711 203791-0

Herrenberger Straße 130
71034 Böblingen
Tel.: +49 7031 30 986-100

Alemannenstr. 21
71296 Heimsheim


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