Location Ingolstadt

At this traditional automotive location, ALTEN is working on the latest technologies in the industry.

Living & working

The Ingolstadt location is a sales office. Our business managers serve our customers of the region from here. In addition, projects can also be handled directly in the office. Automotive and aviation are the strongest industries in this region.

The office is centrally located in the city, which has several restaurants, bakeries, snack bars, and a supermarket. The lunch break meals are thus well taken care of.


The best way to get to the office by car is via the A9. Parking is available at the public car park near the indoor pool, which is 5 minutes away. Each employee is provided with a corresponding ticket.

Ingolstadt also has an ICE connection to the main high-speed routes in Germany. You can be in Munich or Nuremberg in just one hour. There is also a public bus network. The stops nearest to the office are Harderstraße and Universität.

Interesting facts & free time

Its historic old town, the numerous parks, green areas, forests, and above all its strong economic power make this city on the Danube river particularly attractive. This is further facilitated by its location in the heart of Bavaria and the very good transport links to the metropolitan regions of Munich and Nuremberg.

The head office of Audi has been located in Ingolstadt since 1985. This made the city an important location for the German automotive industry.

Location / Approach

Schulstraße 26

Schulstraße 26
85049 Ingolstadt
tel.: +49 841 2205863-0

Im Dentwagen 6
85119 Ernsgaden


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