Application procedure

For quality reasons, we rely on a three-stage application process. This enables us to gain a detailed impression of you.

Online application

You will need to submit an impressive application and successfully pass three job interviews before you will be able to start in your dream job at ALTEN. You can apply online in response to vacancies advertised on our job market while we also welcome speculative applications. If we find your application to be persuasive and suitable, we will invite you to take part in an introductory interview.

Introductory interview, in-depth interview and final interview

The first interview will help us discover more about you and your personal and specialist skills.
We will also tell you more about us as an employer.

Assuming expectations on both sides are met, we will invite you to a second interview with a different interviewer. To ensure that we reach an unbiased and objective decision about you, the information about you will again be reviewed and various potential projects on which you could work will be outlined.

The main aspect that will be discussed in the third interview is: Would you be happy to work as part of our team? You will need to explain your motivation in applying for a job with us and how you see your career developing over the next few years. It is important that you give a convincing performance because at this point we will be making the final decision on whether to employ you or not.


In addition to many entry points, we also offer our employees various benefits.

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